About Us
We are from Haiyang City, Shandong Province, our factory founder started to work in garment production in 1994, we are passionate about our work, and have been providing our customers with high-quality garments, and the thing we most want to do is to let me, My customers, customers who wear our clothes, my suppliers, and my employees all make money and make everyone in our chain happy. We have cooperated with clothing traders in many countries, Japan, Korea, the United States, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, etc. We have contacted many independent designers and completed various novel designs. Our advantages are the improvement of quality, the technical support and design improvement of original design, the promotion and development of new technology, and the strict guarantee of construction period.

Why work with us?

Completely custom clothing manufacturers

Fully customisable giving you complete control over your designs

When working with us, you will have complete control over your designs without putting a limit to your creativity. We use our knowledge and network to provide you with almost any type of customisation option that you desire including the sourcing of the right fabrics, various types of printing and embroidery methods, finding the right trims, labels, buttons, zips, badges, threads... The possibilities are endless and you can count on our team to help guide you along every step of the way. 

We ensure only the highest quality garments leave our production line and that all items are made to match your specifications and the project requirements before being sent out to you. Our specialist consultants will work closely with you to plan the production based on your requirements and budget while taking into consideration any limitations and constraints that present themselves. We understand the challenges faced by brands trying to source custom made garments from overseas and make this process easier so that you can focus on running your company and growing your brand.

Knowledge and expertise

What makes us unique as manufacturers of clothing are our professionalism and the exceptional quality of customer service we provide. All of our clients get assigned to one of our designated consultants who will essentially become an external member of your team by becoming your primary point of contact and handling all aspects of the order fulfilment for you. We provide guidance to start-ups and fashion SME's but are also able to consult more established brands, retailers and boutiques on implementing a good supply strategy, help identify inefficiencies and use our experience in the industry and network of suppliers to provide suitable solutions and recommendations for them.

Trusted network of suppliers and production partners

We have a well established global network of suppliers and production partners who we work with on an ongoing and regular basis. We are able to source a large variety of fabrics and materials, and all of our production partners have been carefully vetted by us to ensure that our strict quality control standards are met and to eliminate the exposure to risk for our clients from unethical and fraudulent business practices. We have our own expatriate agents who personally visit our most commonly used suppliers facilities on regular basis and oversee any external production to carry out quality control measures and ensure timely completion.

Our areas of specialisation


We specialize in knitwear manufacturing as one of the key areas of our business. We supply high-quality knitwear to global fashion brands, boutique owners and retailers. We can produce custom knitwear to match your specifications and manufacture them using a wide range of materials including natural and organic yarns, man-made fibres and custom compositions and blends.

Having our oversees production facilities located in Haiyang China. gives us access to one of the worlds oldest and largest cities specialising in the knitwear industry. Workers here have been in the trade for generations and there are a huge number of factories, all specialising in different processes within knitwear manufacturing and having a wide range of industrial knitwear production and processing machienery.

Being part of such a large network of knitwear manufacturing specialists enables us to create almost any type of knitted garment for our customers while maintaining high quality standards by only using the most skilled and experienced workers, as well as latest machinery and technologies used in the knitwear production industry.

We have a wide range of knitwear capabilities   including plain, rib, Jacquard, interlock, single and double jersey, double knit, Intarsia, linking as well as warp knits such as milanese, tricot and raschel.

Fitness and Athleisure

Fitness and Athleisure apparel are some of the largest and fastest-growing segments within the fashion industry. Recognising this from an early stage has allowed us to specialise in Athleisure and fitness garments and gain valuable experience and insights into the segment.

For manufacturers and new brands, fitness and athleisure items can be a very difficult segment to conquer. Variations in design have become stagnant, with many brands choosing to go the whitelabel route and working with wholesale fashion suppliers and custom clothing vendors who offer a limited scope for differentiation in the market.

Because we are OEM and private label clothing manufacturers and specialist textile sourcing agents, we are able to help our customers differentiate themselves from their competition by not only giving them complete control over the design of their garment but also using our experience and network of suppliers by letting us find the best materials, specific for their garment application and creating truly unique Fitnes and athleisure apparel for them.

We have a large network of material suppliers who are truly at the cutting edge of textile innovation and are thus able to work with a variety of materials specific to fitness and apparel including cotton, lycra, polyester, polyproeplene, Polyutherane (nylon), wool as well as more envornmentally counsious and innovative materials such as bamboo, hemp, Tencel, Gore-Tex and are custom clothing vendors for fitness apparel and athleisure garments for numerous fashion brands, retailers and indeendant boutiques across the globe.

Special materials and fabrics

When it comes to finding the right materials for your fashion project it's important to remember that there are always going to be some sort of limitations as to what materials you can use due to availability and budget constrains. The success of a project heavily relies on this and your suppliers ability to source the right fabrics and materials to suit your needs can make or break your project.

Our team carefully review every project and try to understand your requirements before commencing with their work. We take your brand direction, budget, existing market position and future plans into consideration in order to advise you on which material choices will best suit   the project needs and how our supplier network can satisfy your requirements.

We have more than 200 raw material suppliers, can get the information of all new fabrics and yarns at the first time, and have the technology and information to make these raw materials into clothing.

We will design the most suitable version of the raw material according to the performance of the raw material. We will also recommend the most suitable materials for your design according to your design, all of which originate from our professionalism.